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My journey with art began over 30 years ago when our first child was born. I loved her but I knew I needed an outlet to create and have fun with others seeking the same. I found myself in a drawing class to start my discovery of art and myself. Although it intrigued and surprised me, there was still something missing in the experience for my liking. Then I was invited to join in an ongoing watercolor class that would take me through the long cold prairie winters and more parenting challenges. Once introduced to this exciting medium, my learning thirst took me into many more watercolor experiences---classes, books, workshops, art clubs, plein air painting adventures, competitions and lots of new friends.

Once my children reached teenage stage, I knew I needed another outlet. I returned to university and added teaching and fine arts components to my self-taught art experiences. The university offered me the honour of acting as Artist in Residence. As part of that position, I was employed to teach painting skills through the university's  Continuing Education department.

I enjoyed the interplay between teacher and student and knew this was my new direction. After completing the degree, I became a self-employed painting instructor and added travelling and teaching to my painting experience. Jack Richeson Art Supplies in Wisconsin provided professional artist grade materials; sponsoring all of my classes giving students greater success because of their quality. My teaching skills grew as I learned to teach with step by step demos and positive encouragement, making it possible for students to understand and gain confidence.

From landscapes to flowers, mixed media to gouache, transparent watercolor and acrylic media paint nights; students are welcomed to experiment, explore and discover their own unique styles. Whether on Zoom or in person, there is time for sharing, troubleshooting and celebrating our learning together. 

I hope you'll join us sometime to discover the beauty of painting and the joy of learning in community.

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