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Beauty Beyond Borders

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society requested that I do a painting demonstration as part of their Speaker Series. I chose to do a sunset lake scene. We rehearsed with the moderator a couple weeks before the event. All went well. Half an hour before showtime, we set up and discovered our main camera would not function. My dear hubby agreed to be the camera arm for the webcam for 45 minutes. Not easy, but somewhat doable. I demonstrated the best I could for the 700 people attending. However, my demonstration was not the most important part of the event. We asked the participants if they would share one beautiful place in nature and type their experiences in the webinar chat box. The answers they gave were so astoundingly beautiful, far surpassing any painting demonstration that I could do. Stunning beauty from around the world wove a beautiful tapestry that blanketed everyone’s imaginations with peace and awestruck wonder. Everyone’s sharing went far beyond to a place where no camera was necessary.

Fall migration, changing leaves

Flower Pot island near Tobermory, Ont

Listening to the birds while walking thru the woods

Waterfalls in Yosemite

Salt sea marsh birds

Leaves in sunlight

Seeing cardinals in the snowy trees

Mtns and beaches of Mexico

watching the lake at star lake

Morning mist along Oregon coastline

Sunlight thru the canopy of coastal redwoods n. Ca

Eagles in Vancouver Island

Watching the bees in cosmos flowers

Bison, elk and crows Yellowstone nat’l park

S Carolina wild dunes

Hummingbirds in backyard garden

Watching the surf crashing 2000 ft below where the ocean meets the fluted cliffs on island of Kauai, Hawaii

Ocean waves on Fire Island New York

Columbia Gorge Oregan

Water lilies in ponds

Sky in Scotland

White shell in mb

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