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A Moment's Breath

Our son and his wife were expecting a baby and needed the rooms readied in their house. We were available and decided to help. The three-week project meant a daily schedule of mudding, taping and painting. Although it wasn’t always easy for our sixty plus selves, we enjoyed the fun of being with our son and his wife.

The July-hot days kept the project dry, but the workers and gardens thirsty. On the last afternoon, we stopped for a cold drink on the patio. Hot afternoon sun drove us under the garage eaves. As we relaxed in the shade, a surprise sun shower poured out of the blue skies above us and a butterfly flitted onto the garden trellis. We watched to see if the butterfly would fly away from the rain, but it stayed. And, it stayed dry, resting between the drops. It could have moved, but it didn’t. Its resting caused us to pause as well. Stillness and rest rejuvenated us all.

Butterfly in the Rain

Stopped and still between the drops to regain,

Wisdom waiting while the storms pass,

Breathing, redeeming power to last,

Reflecting, restoring, time to recover.

Nature’s way to live and ours to discover,

How to rest, how to live, in hope and sustain.

Just like a butterfly in the rain.

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